Negin Tejarate Shargh

Supplier of all kinds of chemical raw materials needed by manufacturers

About Negin Tejarate Shargh

Negin Tejarat Shargh has started its specialized activities since 1993. At present, this company is one of the largest and most reputable companies in Iran. Using the most experienced specialized team of domestic experts and engineers, this company is able to supply all kinds of chemical raw materials needed by dear manufacturers to the domestic market without intermediaries.

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Services of .

Negin Tejarat Shargh Company is trying to provide the best services to dear craftsmen and researchers. These services include:
  • Obtaining a license to import goods
  • Feel free to choose from a variety of brands
  • Reasonable price compared to other domestic importers
  • High speed in preparing and delivering goods to customers
  • Advice on preparing the chemicals you need

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